Advertising & Sponsorship Opportunities

Advertising & Sponsorship Opportunities


Be Seen at SportPort International!

Build your business by supporting SportPort International and exposing your brand to thousands of outdoor sports enthusiasts, players, parents and children each month.

You can become a seasonal or annual sponsor, see some of our key sponsorships listed below. To learn more about these and other opportunities, please call Vince Doder at 314-514-7417 to make SportPort International work for you!

Overall Complex Sponsorship


  • Main Traffic Entrance Marquee Sign
  • Main Complex Entrance Marquee Sign
  • Sponsor’s name on all SportPort International printed and web materials

Championship Field Sponsorship


  • Marquee sign above bleachers
  • Sponsor’s name on field scoreboard
  • Sponsor’s name on edge-of-field, in-ground signage

Individual Field/Scoreboard Sponsorship


  • Sponsor’s name on scoreboard and/or edge-of-field, in-ground signage

Field Map Marker Sponsorship


  • Sponsor’s name on all four field maps

Biergarten Sponsorship


  • Marquee signing on Biergarten Stage
  • Sponsor’s name on all printed or web materials regarding the Biergarten, such as flyers, ads, cups, etc.

Concession Food Service Sponsorship


  • Banner signing above concession windows
  • Inclusion on all related print or web materials such as, napkins, menus, plates, etc.

Photo of the Week Sponsorship

Includes Sponsor name on all:

  • Photo of the Week features, including prominent placement on home page

Web Site Advertising


  • Box ad in column of home page
  • Size is approx. 300x250 pixels

For further information, contact us at 314-514-7417.


All fields are open. All activities proceed as scheduled.